Chilliwack, British Columbia

Defining brands and writing stories. Real-estate style.

Partnering with the Vancouver consulting firm, DAVIDALLISONINC, we've helped to brand and develop 9 unique buildings and communities throughout North America.



A force in advertising for over 30 years, David Allison is a master story-teller. His vast knowledge of the advertising world, backed by hundreds of surveys and studies, allows him to craft unique stories for communities and buildings that not only drive sales but genuinely make the world a better place.

Design and development.

Creativity, like design, is ubiquitious when looking at examples of success. Very Good Creative Co takes the stories built by DAI and crafts beautiful presentations, brand guides, printed documents, and websites for their clients. These stories go deeper than architecture; they connect people with buildings. We reflect that idea throughout the design of all client deliverables.

Refining logos, styles, and brands.

Each new community and building presents its own unique challenges and opportunities. Designing a logo that encompasses connection through the evocation of water, or weaving, or texture, is a process of intense refinement. We've designed hundreds of logos for buildings and communities. They are living creatures, untill they're not. Getting a brand logo wrong can affect the corporate image indefinitely; that's why we spend time making sure the logo is perfect.


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