Chilliwack, British Columbia

Making a 40 year old brand young again.

With sweeping views of False Creek and the downtown core, Dr. Khai Pham Dental needed a brand image that fit their spectacular panarama.

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  • A Vancouver dental agency with a 40+ year history approached us with a challenge: their brand was dated and needed a fresh, youthful feel to help bring in new clients.

    From our competitive analysis to concept fruition the brand identity was developed with scrutiny and detail in order to ensure a unique positioning within the Vancouver market. The time spent creating this foundation will allow for a recognizable brand identity and consistent brand growth.

Dr. Khai Pham Dental - Market Research Dr. Khai Pham Dental - Market Research

Market Research and Naming Patterns

We did an in-depth study of 26 local competitors. Our analysis of naming structures, colour palettes, locations, and brand identities allowed us to develop a unique positioning for Dr. Khai Pham Dental.

Name selection process for dental clinic rebrand Brand Identity manual for dental clinic graphic redesign

Timeless Transition

The logo mark was created with a clear space structure in order to always retain brand loyalty and recognition. This was a vital step in the development process since the clinic will eventually shift from Dr. Pham’s name to a brand name.

We wanted to ensure that when this switch happened, brand recognition was not lost. In order to do this we decided to place the emphasis on the logo mark. We bridged the gap between the clinic’s main point of difference (their view of the North Shore mountains) and an icon that illustrated the most simplified version of dental practice (a tooth).

Broadway Centre Dental Group (old) and Dr. Khai Pham Dental (new) logos

Logo Design

The old logo design was clearly dated. It lacked aesthetic appeal and focused on an aging demographic. The serif font and clipart icon completely went against the new company direction.

But rather than scrap the logo completely, we decided to pull out the mountains and incorporate them into the new design. While refreshing the style and modernizing the brand, this inclusion will help current patients to better understand the rebrand and retain brand loyalty.

Logo Design process: combining the North Shore mountains with dental icon Dental clinic logo animation Branding and Identity Design manual for corporate redesign Colour Section - DKPD graphic standards manual Colour Section - DKPD graphic standards manual
Logo Design process: combining the North Shore mountains with dental icon
Teal Depths

Clean and fresh. Teal Depths represents oral care images that correlate with the colour of toothpaste.

Medium Pink

To be used minimally and as a supporting colour, Medium Pink represents gum health.

Cool Grey

Like the tools used by dentists and hygenists, Cool Grey brings a strong and sturdy element to the brand.

Colour Palette

The primary colours infer a fresh, clean, and youthful aesthetic. These colours should be used for most brand communication and design, with Teal Depths and white being the most prominent.

Typography - League Gothic and Minion Pro Business cards, appointment cards, and stationary design Stationary branding flatlay Dental clinic corporate rebrand - billboard advertising Debossed logo Bus stop advertising for business brand design Graphic design branding for Vancouver business Brand Identity manual

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