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Nick Adams - Managing Director at Very Good Creative Co
Nick Adams October 29, 2017

Freedom of Form:
Brand and Identity Design
in the Fraser Valley

Graphic Design, Web Design, and Brand Identity

What do you usually think when you see a local, small business website? Clunky? Not mobile-optimized? Probably a wordpress template? Maybe none of these terms come to mind — maybe you just think it’s ugly but you don’t really know why. Maybe you can’t find the address or phone number right away or maybe you can’t even tell what service the company or owner provides.

Unique visual and brand identity by Caserne studio in Montreal. Photos via Behance.

In an ever-increasingly design-driven world, small businesses just can’t afford to have a run-of-the-mill brand image that doesn’t effectively communicate their brand in a desirable way. They need clarity in their website design and a brand-focused aesthetic interpretation of their overall image. It needs to permeate throughout every facet of their presentation to customers: business cards, Facebook headers, Instagram posts, brand language, website design, and print collateral. Every piece of material that a customer interacts with needs to convey the message of the brand. Every. Single. Time.

Real estate developer branding by Skinn Branding Agency.

The above examples showcase what a consistent brand identity looks like. Caserne uses the product (in this example, wine) in a tangible way that creates a personalized touch to the business cards, stationery, menus, and other print collateral. Skinn creates a minimal aesthetic that breaks down the interior design of the real-estate developer’s artistic living spaces; that same aesthetic is felt throughout the brand identity in their signage, desktop and mobile versions of the website, and all related print materials.

That's great guys, but what have YOU done to prove that this actually works?

Last year, a new client came to us with a challenge: take a 50-year-old dentist office and turn it into a scalable, modern brand. Oh, and make it cool.

The trick with this was, the dentist's office is not an inherently cool place. So, we got to work on our challenge, developed a competitive analysis, found a unique positioning within the Vancouver and Fraser Valley market, designed a logo that reflected their values, and created an all-encompassing brand identity package that will allow the single office to expand and grow into multiple locations with ease. A couple of photos from the project are below, but you can check out the full case study here.

Dr. Khai Pham Dental brand identity design by Very Good Creative Co.

So what now? I know my company needs a new image but I don't know how to get there.

That's where we come in.

We are passionate and dedicated to ensuring our clients have world-class logos, websites, and overall brand images — at Fraser Valley prices. We know that small businesses work within limited budgets and as a boutique agency, we know how to stretch a dollar.

If you're interested in seeing what Very Good Creative can do for you, give us a call or email us at hello@verygoodcreative.co.

Very Good Creative Co. is a design-driven marketing agency based in Chilliwack, BC. They are a growing team of creative problem-solvers who work with ambitious leaders, entrepreneurs, and businesses to create beautiful brand identities, websites, print materials, and more. Say hi at hello@verygoodcreative.co.

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