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Nick Adams - Managing Director at Very Good Creative Co
Nick Adams July 2, 2017

Technological Creativity:
The Modern Make-or-Break for Chilliwack Businesses

Nick Adams

Growing up in the Fraser Valley through the 90s, I always thought creativity was synonymous with the term artisan. To me, those words often meant that the people who exhibited such traits were most likely unemployed, relics from a bygone era that no longer fit into our industrial revolutionary society. Sure, some creative people — like Jim Wiens of the Wellington Art Group — had found a way to combine currency and craft, but from where I stood they were few and far between. I think I saw creativity then the same way many people do now: embedded firmly in the Arts. And today, that’s a mistake no one can afford to make.

The research stages of a Very Good Creative Co. brand strategy and direction project for Dr. Khai Pham Dental.

No matter your industry, the ability to be creative is synonymous with the ability to problem solve. More and more, the companies we work with at Very Good Creative Co. are breaking the confines of their craft and creating new ways to deal with the modern problems they face: DAVIDALLISONINC turns a 40,000 person survey database into highly effective, human-centric stories for brands and business; UBC SALA distinctly combines contemporary architecture, urbanism, and landscapes with a uniquely west coast and entrepreneurial perspective; and The Boardroom Snowboard Shop celebrates their 30th anniversary this year due in large part to their foresight into online markets. All this success is due to each company’s ability to creatively solve the problems of their industry.

How, though, is this different from the ability to adapt throughout history? For each of these companies, technology was at the centre of their creativity. Without an efficient method for surveying and data analysis, DAVIDALLISONINC couldn’t write stories that were truly 700% more effective for brands. Without the ability to examine the global architectural landscape, UBC SALA wouldn’t be able to differentiate their brand identity and set themselves apart. And without an RMS framework for online and in-store inventory management, The Boardroom Snowboard Shop might not be celebrating their 30th year of business this year.

From office to output, technology and creativity are intertwined.

For us at Very Good Creative Co., technological creativity allows us to be experts at shit most businesses don’t even know exist: like utilizing the Instagram API through Python to increase lead generation; or building complex design systems in the Adobe Suite to ensure a cohesive brand experience; or using modern communication tools like Slack and Wunderlist to provide clear communication to our often out-of-office and adventurous team; or… well, you get the idea.

My point is this: it’s time to get rid of the antiquated definition of creativity. No modern business can survive without a firm knowledge of how technological creativity can effectively and efficiently solve their problems. Technology and creativity are irrevocably linked. Those who don’t embrace it are bound to disappear in the smoking ashes of the Industrial Revolution and watch as the technologically creative thrive.

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