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Kayla Adams - Project Manager at Very Good Creative Co
Kayla Adams October 15, 2017

Cafe Creme:
An inside look at
The Harvest Café

Graphic Design, Web Design, and Brand Identity

If a spirit of togetherness is what’s needed in order to turn a house into a home, then the same could be said about turning a store into a sanctuary. There’s a certain vibe; an “it” factor; that little bit of je ne sais quoi that makes all the difference.

So before you walk through the doors of Harvest Store + Cafe, prepare yourself to be stirred from the relative passivity inspired by many of the buildings you’ll encounter in Chilliwack. What your first peek inside will tell you is that your second glimpse will be different from your first; with a touch of eclecticism in both decor and clientele, the interior’s freedom of spirit is hard to miss.

The Harvest Cafe in Chilliwack, BC.

Post-workout gal pals, tattoo artists, dating couples, moms with small children, teen skateboarders, grandmas with adult grandsons, each peer, wide-eyed through the elegant glass display case, treated to a mouth watering view of an array of baked-in-house goodies as they wait, unhurried, in line. Possibly even more varied than the patrons, is the eye popping selection of donuts, from a Simpsons-inspired pink icing and sprinkles donut to a maple donut with real bacon bits, waiting in line becomes akin to an art viewing in it’s most delicious form.

Graphic Design, Web Design, and Brand Identity

Evergreens and hillsides. Photo: Jace Grandinetti

A natural extension of the green/upcycling movement, there is something undeniably grounding and comforting about the clean, simple lines of the shelving that sits near the back, stacked with bags of coffee, lending an industrial feel that’s both rustic and mature.

From the vantage point at the back of the cafe, you’re able to see that the use of open space, the nearly floor to ceiling windows, the contrast of contemporary blanched brick walls against the grain of affable oak table and chairs, are all just right in creating this urbanistically literate segment of Mill Street.

As stated on their website, they pride themselves in partnering with local vendors and businesses, a practice to important to the ecosystem of our town. From product to presentation, everything about the Harvest Store + Cafe makes you feel good. And that breath-of-fresh air feeling the entire interior inspires will create a lasting impression long after you’ve left the cafe through its pink logo emblazoned, heavy, glass-fronted door.

Kayla Adams is a Project Manager at Very Good Creative Co., a design-driven marketing agency based in Chilliwack, BC. They are a growing team of creative problem-solvers who work with ambitious leaders, entrepreneurs, and businesses to create beautiful brand identities, websites, print materials, and more. Say hi at hello@verygoodcreative.co.

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