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Very Good Creative Co. is a digital design and branding studio in beautiful British Columbia.


Chilliwack, British Columbia

Form without function is useless.

Although we pride ourselves in our aesthetic abilities, we know that a marketing campaign will fall dead in the water without a comprehensive framework. This allows us to set clear goals and track return-on-investment.

  • 1. Direction

    Good design is always founded in research. Our first step is to understand your organization's mission. We provide a one-hour discovery session in which we outline the next steps.

  • 2. Custom Research

    In order to provide a successful product, we analyze your specific market and provide insight on how you fit into it. We create a clear, decisive plan of who you want to reach and how to reach them.

  • 3. Design & Promotion

    We take the information from Steps 1 and 2 and create a brand campaign guide that covers everything from pantone and web colours, to target audience and customer journeys.

  • 4. Execution

    The timing and schedule of a marketing campaign are crutial to success. Our clear, simple calendar system lays out what happens when, and how much it will all cost.

Should we work together?

We put a lot of effort into understanding what makes your organization unique. Just as you take pride in your product or service, we pride ourselves in our approach to marketing and design.

  • Aesthetic Alliteration

    Design and aesthetics flow through every facet of business. Whether it's a salesperson's eloquence, or a distribution model's structure, we partner with organizations that understand the importance of good work at every turn.

  • Annual Marketing Investment

    Are you willing to invest at least $10,000 per year into marketing? While new businesses might prefer smaller investments to test the waters — which we are totally open to — setting a solid marketing budget allows for deeper insights into how a plan is working, and allows time to make adjustments without having to start over from square one.

  • Do you settle for good enough?

    We only do one type of work: Very Good. We don't have a big boring list of core values. We are made up of people who don't always agree on everything, except for one thing: the quality of our work.

Our Clients

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